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In one year of our period, we have conducted a lot of activities. Some of them are well-conducted, and some still need more improvement for the next period. Here are some of our activities:

1. English Conversation Club
This activity is held every Monday and Tuesday. The participants are from our junior, first grader. Main purpose of this activity is to facilitate our juniors (and our friends) to speak up in english, anything they want to talk, share, or just tell a light story. Sometimes we made a quiz for them, so they won’t get bored. And also few rewards for them who get the most talkative cadets.
2. Experiences Sharing with our Seniors
Once, we invited our senior 7th and 8th semester who had finished their sea training to share everything what they did on their ship. This activity was held in front of regiment office with the permission from Mr. Jose Beno. Thanks to TD. Agus Erfiantoro, TD. Khafif, and TD. Beta Andriyono for their availability to share their experiences.
3. Wall Magazine
We also succeed to make a wall magazine which can be seen in Pollux building. First we collected materials from our members, then we did a selection. After that, the selected materials being arranged into one big styrofoam which had been decorated by the decorating team. The result is quite nice..
4. EnglishDay Competition
This is the biggest event made by english council. This event was held inside Pekan Olahraga dan Seni Civitas Akademika Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang, or we usually called it Porsicika. We had English Debate, news reading, english speech contest, and also games. These events took 4 days to be completed.

Crew List Period September 2008 – August 2009

Supervisor : TD. Agus Erviantoro

President : TM. Rizky Bimo Aji
Vice President : TM. A. Chandra Widhatama
Secretary I : TM. Septi Chandra PP.
Secretary II : TM. Yoshua Wiraatmaja
Activity Coordinator : TM. Nico Cahyo W.

TM. Yusdita Maulida
TM. Tri Imam Cahyo
TM. Pradipta Siwitantya
TM. Gilang Sindu
TM. Fitria Ari
TM. M. Irsal Pene
TM. Dwi Asmoro
TM. Alfik Dwi S.
TM. Miftachul Ulum
TM. Widya Putri I.
TM. Citra Teguh
TM. Yayan August F.
TM. Ravi Atthoriq
Activity Material Coordinator : TM. M. Addi Syarif N.

TM. Dewi Apriyanti
TM. Agus Setyawan
TM. Faisal Maulana M.
TM. Dendi Martino
TM. Mega Widyastuti
TM. Ryan Dewangga
TM. Gading Soko Aji
TM. Adika P. Putri
TM. Bayu Indrawan
TM. Muklas Wariskon DAW.


Okay everybody, here we start now.. On this very first post of this blog, let us introduce ourselves. We are PIP English Council for period September 2008 – August 2009. Today, at the end of our period of duty, we made this blog and we dedicate this blog to all cadets, officers, our lectors of Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang, and especially for the next member of english council. after one year of becoming the english council, we’ve gotten very-very lots of new experiences, new knowledges, and it has improved our ability to speak english as international language. And our hopes to the next member of english council which will replace us here, keep this good works with you, make another variative programs, and make your juniors having fun with english. And also don’t forget to make this blog up to date. (ada checking dari saya!!) hahaha :]


XLIV English Council